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[Video] Demo reel “Cineca cultural projects 2013″

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Hi guys,

I’ve made this demo reel to show 2013 cultural heritage projects of Cineca, the Italian interuniversity consortium where I work.

The modeling, rendering, compositing and montage was made with Blender 2.69 and cycles

Happy Holidays!


[BGE] Animated characters with the CookieFlexRig in Blender Game Engine

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Selezione_034In this video tutorial I show how the Cg Cookie Flex Rig can be adapted to work flawlessy into the Blender Game Engine.

The Cg Cookie Rig can be found here and is released for free under Creative Commons Licences

[Review] Blender 2.6 Cycles:Materials and Textures Cookbook

Hi there!

I’ve got one of the first copy as a preview of this new book, the Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook, by Enrico Valenza ( It is brillian 3D Artist, illustrator and Art Director, and also known for being the Lead Artist in the Big Buck Bunny production and in other projects in which I was also involved.

Blender 2.6 Cycles:Materials and Textures Cookbook

Now It’s very hot here in Italy and we are preparing for summer holidays… so I’ll do only a short review to explain why this is a valid and valuable book and why every cycles beginner and also expert user should have it.

[Blender Cycles] Costanza Lamp 3D model

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LampadaCostanzaLuceplan_blender_CyclesHi everybody!

Here it is another freebie 3D model downloadable for Blender Cycles.

This time I give away a good model for architectural visualization: the Costanza® Lamp, from Luceplan® studio.

BGE Walk-to movement script for Touchscreen device

Category : BGE, python · (3) Comments · by Feb 7th, 2013

Hi there! I dedicate this post to the return from my long absence from the blog, and secondly, to the first article dedicated to the Blender Game Engine! I worked a lot to create demos, VR and small experiments and today i want to share with you one of those experiments with the python scripting inside the game engine.


[Blender Cycles] 8 Indispensable cycles node configurations

With this article i’d like to cover some interesting and indispensable node configurations made for cycles.
Here you can find topic like realistic foliage/leafs, dupliverts random materials, realistic rusty configurations, vertex color configurations, fake glass and and many others ready to use node configurations for cycles.