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[Blender Cycles] Double texture UVProject example

This file is an example to demonstrate the capabilities of UVProject modifier combined with the Cycles render engine.

The cube is textured with two UV mapped textures managed through the UVProject modifier.


( For further information on the UV Project modifier, see the how to tutorial:


In the image there are the Cube cycles node configuration for the details on the material and Modifier configuration for details about the UVProject modifier:

UV Project

As visible in the picture, every UVProject modifier has 4 projection sources (planes) that generate the UV coordinates and the correct UV Map are specified in the proper label.


For the Cycles Material setup, I’ve used 2 attribute nodes to individuate the correct UV Map. There is also a Mix Shader to mix the two textures: the factor of the mix is a texture B/W mask.

To better understand how to reproduce this kind of configuration I suggest to download the file with the bottom link.


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