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BGE Walk-to movement script for Touchscreen device

Category : BGE, python · by Feb 7th, 2013

Hi there! I dedicate this post to the return from my long absence from the blog, and secondly, to the first article dedicated to the Blender Game Engine! I worked a lot to create demos, VR and small experiments and today i want to share with you one of those experiments with the python scripting inside the game engine.



This short demo shows the movement python script that i usually use to explore my real-time models. It’s a double tap and drag interface, useful on touchscreens, so it works on Desktop pc into the Blender Game Engine, but its suitable for the Android platform (through the Blender port) because of the similar interaction with Google Streetview. [new_column]

Blender Game Engine for Desktop PC

In order to test the script simply press ‘P’ key into Blender to start the game

Blender Game Engine for Android devices

Drop the .blend file (the download link is at the bottom in this page ) into your Android device and open it with the BlenderPlayer Android application from:


(Sign in or register to download. It’s free)


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8 anni ago · Rispondi

im downloading the BlenderPlayer Android application to my laptop now but how do i “drop the .blend file into my android”? do i need a flashdrive or possibly email it to my phone? and then what application on the android will be able to play and edit it?…

    8 anni ago · Rispondi

    Hi! If you are downloading the BlenderPlayer from you could install it like any other application on your phone or tablet.
    I usually download it directly from the phone, but you can email it if you prefer!

7 anni ago · Rispondi


7 anni ago · Rispondi

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5 anni ago · Rispondi


I can’t download your script because i can’t register, you have probablly an error bacause i can’t receive my password

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