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[Blender Cycles] 8 Indispensable cycles node configurations

With this article i’d like to cover some interesting and indispensable node configurations made for cycles.
Here you can find topic like realistic foliage/leafs, dupliverts random materials, realistic rusty configurations, vertex color configurations, fake glass and and many others ready to use node configurations for cycles.

  • Realistic procedural leaves and foliage configuration

  • Dupliverts random material

  • Fake IES #1


Image from BlenderArtist thread

  • Fake IES #2

  • Denoise by Negativa

  • Interactive Texture / Color swap by Negativa

  • SSS skin

  • Cycles Cavity shader – Vertex color automatic dirt map

If you know some more interesting configurations/shaders, tell me in the comments and I’ll add them into the article!


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