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[Blender Cycles] Outdoor plant of lavender

This 3D model is a lavender plant that i’ve modeled to add detail to an outdoor architectural render. It’s free to download and rehuse! Overview…

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[How-To] Lens flare in Blender compositor through IndexOB

Hi all! With this short tutorial I’ll show you how to enlight your scene projectors, flashes, leds, lamps, lights and…

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[Blender Cycles] Interior Plant with Flowerpot

This 3D model is a plant with a flowerpot that i’ve modeled to add detail at an interior architectural render….

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[Blender Cycles] Double texture UVProject example

This file is an example to demonstrate the capabilities of UVProject modifier combined with the Cycles render engine. The cube…

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[How-to] Object mapping with cycles: Uv Project

In order to map some objects, since pre-2.5 versions, blender users had the support of many tools, one of them…

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Blender Cycles feature: Blur Glossy

For those of you that follows the Mango project blog at, yesterday a new feature has popped out from the…

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