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BAT – Blender Architectural Tips #3: IES fake lights with cycles

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Some time ago, i’ve found into a “BlenderArtists” post, a wonderfull video that shows an architectural animation rendered entirely with cycles in Blender from the user turqueque. I’ve asked for explanation of the beautiful looking IES architectural lights (visible at ~ 1:22) and of how to manage this effect into cycles renderer.

Here it is the animation:

For better comprehension of what IES Lights are, follow the link to CGArena:


The user answered my question with a clear and well explained video that’s teach you how to obtain a fake IES light effect with Blender Cycles

[Blender Cycles] Outdoor plant of lavender

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This 3D model is a lavender plant that i’ve modeled to add detail to an outdoor architectural render.

It’s free to download and rehuse!


  • Flowers textures are included and UV-Mapped
  • All shaders  are made for Cycles
  • 5060 Faces with 2 detail iterations for the curves



Click the image to enlarge.


[Blender Cycles] Interior Plant with Flowerpot

Free 3d model of plant with flowerpotThis 3D model is a plant with a flowerpot that i’ve modeled to add detail at an interior architectural render.

It’s free to download and rehuse with attribution.


  • All textures are included and UV-Mapped
  • All shaders  are made for Cycles
  • 4413 Faces without flowerpot SubSurf – 9132 Faces with SubSurf
  • Compositing configuration included


[Blender Cycles] Double texture UVProject example

This file is an example to demonstrate the capabilities of UVProject modifier combined with the Cycles render engine.

The cube is textured with two UV mapped textures managed through the UVProject modifier.


( For further information on the UV Project modifier, see the how to tutorial:

[How-to] Object mapping with cycles: Uv Project )

Blender Cycles feature: Blur Glossy

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For those of you that follows the Mango project blog at, yesterday a new feature has popped out from the work of Bretch, that is solving needs of the artists involved in the movie production.

This feature is the Blur Glossy,  that seems to remove and clean caustic noise without visible loss of quality blurring it (I mentally associate this method with the common GI Final Gather blur)

[Blender Cycles] Ares Line Thesi

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This is a reproduction, modeled from scratch, of the ARES LINE Thesi. It’s a  seat of course and training rooms made with Blender and rendered with Cycles