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[Blender Cycles] Outdoor plant of lavender

Category : Cycles, Models, Nature, Shaders and Textures · (4) Comments · by Jun 14th, 2012

This 3D model is a lavender plant that i’ve modeled to add detail to an outdoor architectural render.

It’s free to download and rehuse!


  • Flowers textures are included and UV-Mapped
  • All shaders  are made for Cycles
  • 5060 Faces with 2 detail iterations for the curves



Click the image to enlarge.


[How-To] Lens flare in Blender compositor through IndexOB

Category : Compositing, Tips and Tricks · (1) Comment · by Jun 7th, 2012

Hi all!
With this short tutorial I’ll show you how to enlight your scene projectors, flashes, leds, lamps, lights and all those objects that are supposed to emit light thought lenses.

An example: the image below is produced with this technique.


Here there is an object for the projector and a second object for the lens, that is composited to re-create the flare and added to the final image.

In this test i’ve used the render engine cycles, but it works equally with blender internal. Let’s see how to obtain this effect in your scene!

[Blender Cycles] Interior Plant with Flowerpot

Free 3d model of plant with flowerpotThis 3D model is a plant with a flowerpot that i’ve modeled to add detail at an interior architectural render.

It’s free to download and rehuse with attribution.


  • All textures are included and UV-Mapped
  • All shaders  are made for Cycles
  • 4413 Faces without flowerpot SubSurf – 9132 Faces with SubSurf
  • Compositing configuration included


BAT – Blender Architectural Tips #2: DXF-importer

Category : BAT, Tips and Tricks · No Comments · by May 25th, 2012

The great challenge for architectural modelers, is to import and manage cad files into Blender with ease. To achieve this result one addon come to our rescue.

BAT – Blender Architectural Tips #1: Camera

Category : BAT, Tips and Tricks · No Comments · by May 9th, 2012

Today I’ve decided to make a sequence of random “tips and tricks” posts for architectural modeling and rendering using Blender, and this is the first one!

What characteristics share the architectural images in the post collage?
A little hint: they are ARCHITECTURAL images…

[Blender Cycles] Ares Line Thesi

Category : Cycles, Models, Office Furniture, Render Engine · No Comments · by Apr 16th, 2012

This is a reproduction, modeled from scratch, of the ARES LINE Thesi. It’s a  seat of course and training rooms made with Blender and rendered with Cycles