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[Blender Cycles] Outdoor plant of lavender

Category : Cycles, Models, Nature, Shaders and Textures · by Jun 14th, 2012

This 3D model is a lavender plant that i’ve modeled to add detail to an outdoor architectural render.

It’s free to download and rehuse!


  • Flowers textures are included and UV-Mapped
  • All shaders  are made for Cycles
  • 5060 Faces with 2 detail iterations for the curves



Click the image to enlarge.



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(4) comments

bun bora
6 anni ago · Rispondi

i like

6 anni ago · Rispondi

thanks for this great model

6 anni ago · Rispondi

When i try to render all plant parts are bright pink. Seems theirs something wrong with the UVmapping than rright

    6 anni ago · Rispondi

    Hi! Have you tryed extracting the whole zip package into a directory? Seems that Blender can’t find the texture files in your PC. Or try by doing “file –> External Data –> find missing files” and then select the correct texture folder and press “find”

    Sorry for the inconvenience, hope that those suggestions helped you.
    Let me know

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