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BAT – Blender Architectural Tips #3: IES fake lights with cycles

Category : BAT, Cycles, Render Engine, Tips and Tricks · by Jun 18th, 2012

Some time ago, i’ve found into a “BlenderArtists” post, a wonderfull video that shows an architectural animation rendered entirely with cycles in Blender from the user turqueque. I’ve asked for explanation of the beautiful looking IES architectural lights (visible at ~ 1:22) and of how to manage this effect into cycles renderer.

Here it is the animation:

For better comprehension of what IES Lights are, follow the link to CGArena:


The user answered my question with a clear and well explained video that’s teach you how to obtain a fake IES light effect with Blender Cycles, that, apparently, will not support this option even with future developments.


I’m obviously going to insert this effect in my architectural future scenes!
Do you think that Cycles deserves some IES official support? Or this Fake configuration just fits your needs?


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